Top 5 Article Rewriter Tools for Paraphrasing in 2024

Paraphrasing is not just about altering the text’s wording. It also involves reshaping complete ideas and delivering them in a fresh manner. But manually doing all of this can sometimes become a challenging task, especially during writer’s block. So, if you are having a similar issue, you can use an article rewriter tool.

Article spinners are automated utilities that eliminate the need for manual paraphrasing efforts. These tools use sophisticated algorithms to accurately reword the input without altering its original meaning. Due to the demand for such utilities, everyone has started developing them. This situation poses a challenge to newbies because it becomes difficult for them to select one tool. That’s where this post will come in handy.

In this listicle post, we’ll enlist 5 online tools to help you revamp the existing content accurately. So, without any further delay, let’s begin.


RewriteGuru is a user-friendly and freemium text reworder that can rewrite articles of 800 words in one attempt. This tool can operate in multiple languages. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for both native and non-native writers.

This tool deeply spins the entered text using five different modes. So, whether you want to use the creativity of its advanced algorithms or just want instant rephrasing results, this web utility will have your back. You can even perform manual paraphrasing with this tool by using the provided synonym suggestions and replacing the wording according to your preference. So, despite being an automated utility, this web utility provides complete control to its users.

Due to being a freemium web utility, this tool provides free access to only three modes: ‘Creative spin, ‘Turbo spin,’ and ‘DIY modes. The remaining two modes are only accessible with the premium membership. You will also get permission to process an input of up to 30K words in a single attempt with its paid plan. So, this web utility is an excellent option for paraphrasing lengthy text in one go.

The article rewriter tool of takes assistance from fancy Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms to rephrase users’ inputs. NLP technology helps this tool comprehend the input and its context. Therefore, this web utility is famous for performing accurate paraphrasing.

This tool uses two paraphrasing modes to handle people’s diverse needs. The first one is the ‘Word Changer’ mode, which is the default revamping approach of this web utility. Due to being a default mode, this one is available for free. Here, the tool only focuses on altering the wording of the input by using synonyms or word reordering strategies. The other one is the ‘Creative’ mode, which focuses on intelligently rephrasing the input using sophisticated paraphrasing techniques. Due to the advanced output generation capabilities of the second mode, it is only accessible to premium members.

With this tool, you can only paraphrase 500 words for free in one go. Any more than that will require a subscription to’s premium plan.


The text rewriter of SmallSEOTools is another multimode utility that incorporates advanced AI technologies to creatively rephrase the entered content. Therefore, whatever text you provide to this tool will keep its original meaning intact while paraphrasing.  

This web utility also works on the freemium pricing model. Therefore, you can only use its ‘Smart Spin’ mode without spending any money. However, if you become its premium member, you can get access to ‘Ultra Spin, ‘Spin Manual’ and ‘AI Writer’ modes. These modes not only offer complete control over the entire rephrasing process, but they also take assistance from advanced paraphrasing strategies to revitalize the input. So, the premium members of this tool can enjoy the benefits of both manual and automated rephrasing approaches.

One of the major highlights of this tool is its ability to rephrase 2000 words for free. Therefore, this web utility is an ideal option for those who want to paraphrase lengthy chunks of text in a single attempt.


WordAi is one of the leading text-spinning software. This web utility completely restructures the phrases to describe an existing idea differently without altering the crux. For that, it takes assistance from machine learning (ML) models. The training of its ML models ultimately assists this article rewriter tool in generating human-level output. Therefore, its results will be highly readable and engaging.

This web utility can generate multiple variations from a single text source. All it requires from its users is to enter the text, input the number of variations, and set the intensity of its rewording engine. So, this tool is ideal for beating writer’s block.

The power of this web utility’s paraphrasing engine is unimaginable. But that power becomes accessible at the expense of a few bucks. So, unlike the aforementioned three tools, this web utility doesn’t allow free-of-cost access to its users. Users will have to start their free trial by choosing its monthly or annual plan.


The article Spinning Utility by SearchEngineReports is one of the most straightforward online paraphrasing tools. It doesn’t confuse the users with the availability of multiple rephrasing modes. Users can simply enter the text and process it for paraphrasing.

This tool is basically a content spinner. Therefore, it employs AI-based sophisticated spinning techniques to accurately rephrase the input without compromising on its original intent. Since this is an entirely free web utility, users can operate it without the limitations of hidden pricing plans. So, this tool is another ideal contender for paraphrasing lengthy text of up to 2000 words in a single attempt.

Despite automating the entire rephrasing process, this web utility offers complete control to its users. For instance, users can choose whether they want to modify a word or not. However, in order to use this functionality, they will have to add the words in the provided space and separate them with commas.

Final Thoughts – The Conclusion

All in all, the internet contains an extensive collection of article rewriter tools. But not all of them are worth using. So, in order to make it easier for people to choose an accurate rewriting utility, we have created this post. After personally testing a plethora of utilities, we have narrowed down this list to only five tools. So, read the above reviews to find the one that suits you better.

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