Matching tasks in the reading module

Find synonyms in the passage

When you match pictures to pieces of text, you have to think of different words that can describe the given pictures. Then look for these words or their synonyms in the passage.

Attempt the easier ones first. While matching statements identify the keywords in them and then look for their synonyms or paraphrases in the passage.

Create a mental map of the passage

Skim the passage and while doing that you should create a mental map of the text. You should be able to recall the main idea discussed in each paragraph.

Try to match the headings without going back to the passage. Cross off all the headings you have used. You should also cross off the heading used in the given example.

Next to each paragraph, write the number of options that may be suitable. You also need to ensure that a possible option accurately describes the meaning of the entire passage. Just because it includes some of the words given in the paragraph, it will not make the correct answer.

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