Keep track of time

Only 60 minutes are allowed for the reading module. And during these 60 minutes you have to read the passage, find the answers and enter them on the separate answer sheet. You can either enter the answers directly on the answer sheet or transfer them later. If you prefer to transfer them at the end of the reading module, you should set aside at least 10 minutes for that.

Don’t waste time on any question

If you can’t find the answer quickly, go to the next question. Questions in the reading module are not necessarily of the same difficulty level. Some are easier than the others – attempt them first. This way you will be able to spend more time on the difficult questions.

Before skipping a question, you should mark it using a symbol like a question mark. This will make it easy to find it later.

Don’t spend more than 20 minutes on one passage

If you feel that a passage is taking longer, go to the next passage. You are more likely to obtain a higher score, if you complete all the three sections of the test.

While reading the text, do not worry about the words you do not understand. You don’t have to understand every word in the passage to answer all questions correctly.

You should be able to understand the idea given in the passage. Pay careful attention to the first sentence of each paragraph. They give an overall view of the passage.

Try to guess meaning using context

If words that seem important are unfamiliar to you, try to make intelligent guesses about their meaning. The surrounding words will give a lot of clues.

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