Many People Think That Some Individuals Are Naturally Good Leaders

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According to some people, leadership is an inherent trait; however, others insist that good leadership skills can be acquired. While I do admit that some people are born leaders, in my opinion, it is also possible to acquire this ability under the guidance of an accomplished leader.

Some people are indeed natural leaders. Even as children they demonstrate considerable initiative. They are the ones who suggest solutions first. They are also the ones people approach when they are in a difficulty. It is easy for these people to become successful politicians, entrepreneurs or CEOs. The ability to lead comes naturally to them and their words command respect and instill confidence.

On the other hand, leadership skills can be developed too. Even a shy person can make a great leader if they put in effort. There are leadership programs that enable people to acquire leadership skills by putting them through various challenging situations. Leadership can also be learned from a mentor. By closely observing how the mentor acts in various situations and learning from their example, anyone can develop habits that will make them good leaders. Of course, perseverance is the key. It may not be possible to get accepted as a good leader as soon as one makes an attempt to; hence, it is important to keep striving hard by polishing one’s skills. A good practice is to spend more and more time with people demonstrating good leadership abilities. By surrounding ourselves with leaders, we can also learn from them.

In conclusion, it is true that there are born leaders, but is also possible to acquire leadership qualities through practice and perseverance.

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