Many People Say That Cooking And Eating At Home Is Better For Individuals And The Family Than Eating In Restaurants

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Some people believe that consuming home cooked food is superior to eating in restaurants or hotels. I agree with this argument and my stand will be substantiated in this essay.

To start with, home cooked meals are of comparatively higher nutritional value than restaurant foods. Since the dishes are prepared by us for our own consumption, we will make sure that only high quality ingredients are used. Also, home cooked meals are unlikely to have taste enhancing additives or preservatives. Restaurant meals, on the other hand, will definitely have these chemicals although they are harmful for health because restaurants want to serve the tastiest food in town. It does not really matter to them whether they food they serve is healthy or not. Because of these reasons, eating in a restaurant once in a while may be all right, but people who consume these foods on a regular basis will definitely develop various health problems.

Additionally, homemade food is prepared hygienically whereas many restaurants fail to maintain good hygiene standards. For instance, the food safety department orders the closure of a number of hotels and food businesses every year owing to unhygienic procedures and kitchens. Another advantage of cooking at home is that we can increase or reduce the amount of salt or spices to taste our liking. This is not possible with readymade meals bought from outside. Better still, cooking is an opportunity for different members of the family to spend some quality time together. Children, in particular, seem to enjoy cooking when parents are there to supervise them.

To conclude, regular consumption of restaurant food is harmful for health and hence it should be avoided. By contrast, meals cooked at home are healthier and cheaper. Also, cooking and eating at home is an opportunity for family members to bond.

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