Should Governments Make Decisions About People’s Lifestyle, Or Should People Make Their Own Decisions?

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Some people argue that governments should make decisions about people’s lifestyles. In my opinion, people should decide for themselves and authorities should not interfere with people’s lives.

To start with, if people can make their own decisions, they can pursue their aspirations and values. This is important for their happiness. Different people want different things in life. Their value systems are also different. For some, earning a lot of money could be the ultimate goal. For some others, it could be raising a great family. There are people who attach a great deal of importance to tradition and spirituality. There are also people who want to make a difference to their world. When people have different wants and needs, the government cannot make the right decisions for all of them. And if the government decides to make different sets of decisions for different people, it will not have time to focus on other aspects of running a country. Also, by interfering with people’s personal lives, the government will only antagonize them and that will not benefit the country.

When people make their own decisions, they develop a sense of control over their lives. This feeling that they can steer their life in a direction that seems right to them is important for all people. No one wants to be a slave and no one likes it when an outsider like the government dictates terms to them. Also, the government has a lot of other things to take care of. If its focus is on making decisions for people, it will not take long for the country to collapse.

In conclusion, I am of the firm belief that people should make their own decisions and the government has absolutely no right or obligation to dictate how people should live their lives.

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