Many People Believe That We Should Protect All Wild Animals

Many people believe that we should protect all wild animals while others believe we should just protect some of them. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

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Protecting wild animals has become a matter of grave concern in recent times. Some believe all species should be under protection as these are very useful in different fields, while others think that saving all the animals requires a lot of resources and hence we should protect only some of them. This essay will discuss both views. Personally, I believe that only endangered species should be protected. The rest can protect themselves and hence we do not have to invest money to save them.

To begin with, according to the advocates of the former view, all wild creatures should be saved because these animals play a crucial role in the ecosystem. If one species disappears, it can hurt the whole ecosystem. Animals are also useful to man in so many ways and hence their protection is particularly crucial for us. For instance, Rhino’s horns are used to prepare medicine of fever and cancer as well. Hence, for maintaining balance in the eco-system it is required to save all wild animals.

However, others claim that conserving all animals requires a huge amount of money. That is true too. Also, not every species needs protection. For example, cats and dogs are quite capable of protecting themselves. Many people keep them as pets. Even those living on the streets do not require special protection in most cases. Likewise, crows or pigeons do not need to be protected. However, there are some birds and animals that require protection because their skin, teeth, meat or feathers are so valuable that they are hunted down. Examples are tigers, elephants, crocodiles and rhinos. Such species of animals will become extinct if we do not act now.

In conclusion, while all animals are valuable and need to be protected, it is not within the ability of governments. Hence, I believe that the governments should invest money to protect only the endangered species.

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