Big Salary Is Much More Important Than Job Satisfaction

Big salary is much more important than job satisfaction. Do you agree or disagree?

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Band 9 IELTS essay sample

Some people argue that earning an attractive salary is more important than gaining fulfillment from work. I do not quite agree with this view. While I do admit that it is important to earn enough to lead a comfortable life, it is futile to stick to an unsatisfactory job just because the pay packet is heavy.

For some people, the size of the pay packet is what they consider while they choose a job. The higher the salary, the more likely they are to accept it. Of course, we cannot quite blame them. Money is essential to lead a comfortable life. If we do not earn enough, we will have to live in constant worry. Money also improves our social standing. This is very important for some people. They believe that the respect they get is directly proportional to the amount of money they earn and this is true to some extent. We are living in a highly materialistic world where the rich are considered the most successful.

Even so, in my opinion, a fat salary alone will not make us happy. If the job is totally dissatisfactory, we will start resenting even the thought of going to work. This dissatisfaction will not only affect the quality of our work but also make us thoroughly unhappy. People who perform jobs they do not enjoy tend to have higher stress levels which will eventually affect their health. So, obviously, job satisfaction is just as important as the size of the paycheck.

To conclude, we should definitely be able to earn enough to fulfill our needs and wants. However, an attractive remuneration is no substitute for job satisfaction and hence I believe that it is important to find a balance. Of course, we should choose a job that offers decent salary but there is no point in pursuing a totally dissatisfactory job just because the salary is quite attractive.

Big salary is much more important than job satisfaction – Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

The question of whether or not a big salary is much more essential than job fulfillment has been at the epicenter of discussion for a while and a unanimous conclusive agreement is yet to be achieved. Different individuals tend to have different views on this topic.

First of all, it is an undeniable fact that the size of the paycheck has a major impact on our life. Cast of living is gradually increasing every year. Vital basic human needs such as food, shelter and clothing cannot be ignored. It is, therefore, necessary for all people in the society to ensure that they are getting paid enough salary to cover their needs. There are also some people who put money above everything life. So, if the salary is attractive, they will opt for any job even if they are not enthusiastic about it.

Nonetheless, I tend to think that job fulfillment is just as important. If we do not like the job, going to work can become a tortuous experience. Our disinterest will also reflect in the quality of our work and will seriously affect our chances of getting a raise or promotion. Worse still, being forced to do a job just for the sake of money can make our life stressful and affect our health.

To conclude, in my opinion, job satisfaction and attractive salaries are both important. Job satisfaction alone will not help us lead a comfortable life. However, there is no point is pursuing a job that does not offer any satisfaction although the pay packet is pretty good.

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