Archeology Is Partly The Discovery Of Treasures Of The Past | Band 9

Archaeology is partly the discovery of treasures of the past, partly the work of the scientific analyst, partly the exercise of the creative imagination. Do you agree or disagree?

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Archeology is the study of human history and ancient artifacts through the excavation of sites where human settlements may have existed centuries or even millennia ago. Of course, it requires the employment of scientific technology and creative imagination without which it is not possible to make sense of what we may have been able to unearth. Hence, I fully agree with the given argument.

Excavation requires digging. While sometimes this is done by humans, at other times sophisticated technology is used to recover the underlying objects without damage. In fact, archeology is a relatively new branch of science. It developed only during the last century when new age cutting and digging tools became available. Once these ancient objects are recovered, they are dated using carbon dating technology. Without analyzing the objects scientifically, it is not possible to calculate their age. So, obviously, an archeologist should also be a scientific analyst or they need the assistance of a scientific analyst.

A great deal of imagination is also required. By simply looking at unearthed objects that people may have used 5000 or 6000 years ago, we cannot make sense of them. We cannot quite say what they were being used for without unleashing our imagination. A great deal of imagination is also required to decipher ancient writing. Oftentimes, they used pictures of animals and various symbols to convey various ideas. Since we no longer use the scripts they used thousands of years ago, we cannot ‘read’ or understand them without making use of creativity.

To conclude, there is a lot more to archeology than digging. Sites and objects recovered from sites after digging have to be scientifically analysed and creatively studied. Only then can we understand how old they are, what they meant or how they were used. Hence, I fully agree with the given argument.

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