Many People Believe That International Tourism Is A Bad Thing For Their Countries

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International tourism is one of the major sources of revenue for many countries. Yet, many people believe that tourism is harmful for their country. This essay explains the reason behind this mentality and suggests some solutions to tackle it.

People have several negative ideas about international tourism and most of them are misconceptions. The main reason people object to international tourism is its impact on the local culture. Sometimes the tourists are seen disrespecting the local culture and values or doing inappropriate things. Then there is the fear of them spreading diseases. Another downside is that some people might arrive in the guise of tourists and then refuse to leave.

However, in my opinion, none of these are valid reasons to disapprove of international tourism especially when the benefits outweigh the downsides. To solve such issues, the government can issue directives to foreign visitors about how they should conduct themselves while touring the country. Locals should also be informed of the existence of cultural differences and the need to tolerate them. In addition, the government should make the local community beneficiaries of tourism. In many countries, tourism creates more jobs than several other sectors. By ensuring the active participation of local people in catering to the needs of the tourists, the government can provide them a source of livelihood and win their support.

In conclusion, cultural differences and the resulting conflicts are the main reason people disapprove of international tourism. However, by creating awareness and making the local community actual beneficiaries of tourism, the government can win over this opposition.

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