Nowadays, Young People Spend Too Much Of Their Free Time In Shopping Malls

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There are those who opine that the practice of spending too much time in shopping centres could be detrimental for young people and the society as a whole. I fully agree with this view. In my opinion, if youngsters spend too much time on shopping or in malls, it can hurt not only their grades but also their financial situation because shopping requires both time and money.

When young people become obsessed with shopping, they will find themselves in serious financial difficulties. If they hang out in the malls, they will want to buy many things even if they do not really need them. As shopping requires money, youngsters will have to find a source of income. Consequently, some of them may choose to work part time or some might even quit their studies and work full time. Both are detrimental to their academic progress and career. Working part time will reduce the amount of time they can focus on their studies and thus affect their grades. Now if they choose to quit studies to work full time, they will seriously hurt their career prospects as well-paying jobs require at least a university degree. Some young people may choose not to work. Instead, they will get into crime such as robbery. Obviously, spending excessive time in malls has a seriously negative impact on young people.

Excessive shopping also affects the society. It leads to excessive consumption which is detrimental for the environment. Also, when young people are obsessed with spending, they will fall into the debt trap. This is bad for the society as well. When they cannot find enough money to fulfil their shopping goals or to pay off their debts caused by excessive shopping, youngsters may get into illegal activities like robbery, shop lifting or even smuggling. All of these has a detrimental effect on the society.

In short, shopping is good so long as it is done in moderation. If young people spend an excessive amount of time in malls, they will not have much time to focus on their studies and they will also fall into debt. Obviously, this hurts them as well as their society. 

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