Large Companies Should Pay Much Higher Salaries To Chief Executive Officers Or Company Presidents

Large companies should pay much higher salaries to Chief Executive Officers or Company Presidents than to other employees. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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According to some people, the CEO or President of a large company should receive a much higher salary than other employees. I agree with this view to a great view. The salary should always be proportionate to the responsibilities that the employee has.

In large multinational companies, the CEO has a very important role to play. They are the people who take important decisions about new product launches. They decide which new markets they should enter. They are also responsible for acquisitions and mergers. Not every employee can become the CEO or the President. In fact, in order to occupy this coveted position, an employee has to have many credentials. They must have proved their capability. In the past, the company must have gained immensely from their contribution. Or they must have played a crucial role in another organization. Only a person who has proven themselves can aspire to become the CEO and once they become one, they are under tremendous pressure to perform. A CEO cannot continue in that position if they fail to improve the bottom line of the company. So, obviously, they deserve the higher salaries that they earn.

Ordinary employees, on the other hand, have fewer responsibilities. This does not mean that their contribution is irrelevant. They certainly contribute but in most cases, they are not indispensable. It is easy to find a replacement and hence they cannot aspire to earn the same salary as the CEO. Also, if a low level employee underperforms, the organization does not incur much loss. This is not the case with the CEO. If they make a wrong decision, it can hurt the prospects of the entire organization. Also, a company has just one CEO but it has thousands of other employees. It is not possible to give all of them comparable salaries.

In short, a CEO has a lot more responsibilities than an ordinary employee. CEOs take all important decisions that determine the future of an organization. Hence, I believe that they must receive much higher remuneration than other employees.

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