Nowadays, Companies And Other Organizations Are Requiring Their Employees To Wear A Uniform

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Some organizations require their staff to wear a uniform to work. Wearing a uniform is important in some sectors. For example, medical professionals should wear a uniform. Likewise, cops and soldiers too should be in a uniform. The main advantage of wearing a uniform is that it makes identification easier. The main disadvantage is that it curtails people’s freedom to wear what they like.

The uniform reveals a lot about a professional. For example, hospitals are crowded places. In this crowd, the white coat makes it quite easy to identify a doctor. Likewise, nurses and other paramedics too have their uniform. If doctors and nurses wore whatever they like, in an emergency situation a patient or their family would have a tough time figuring out whom to approach for help. Likewise, a uniform easily sets apart a police officer or a soldier in a crowd. It is important for the maintenance of law and order. People are more likely to behave themselves if they see a person wearing a police uniform standing nearby. The uniform also instills a sense of pride in the people who wear it. For example, doctors are proud of their white coat, so are cops and soldiers.  

On the other hand, what a person wears is a reflection of their personality. Some people like to experiment a lot with their clothes. Some feel confident only in fashionable clothes. The uniform deprives people of such opportunities for self expression. Sometimes the uniform can lead to discrimination. For example, in many countries, people doing menial jobs like sweeping the streets or cleaning the sewers are also required to wear a uniform. The uniform makes it easy for people to identify a sweeper or a garbage collector. Unfortunately, sometimes, some people treat such workers with disdain.

In short, wearing a uniform serves many purposes. It creates in people a sense of pride and community. It also enables others to figure out what a person is. However, uniform infringes on a person’s right to wear what they like. Sometimes, it can also lead to discrimination.

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