Tom Riddle Grade B OET Letter Sample

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Grade B OET letter sample

Dr Robson, Allergist

Central Hospital


RE: Tom Riddle; 25 years old

Dear Dr Robson

I am writing to refer Mr Tom Riddle for allergen testing.  He suffers from persistent bronchial asthma.

Mr Riddle first visited my office on June 1st with complaints of 2 weeks of breathlessness, persistent cough, wheezing and itchy eyes which were causing him to miss classes. His FEV1 improved after bronchodilator administration. He was prescribed oral prednisolone 50 mg for 10 days and Albuterol inhaler combined with Symbicort twice a day. He was advised to return for check-up after 4 weeks.

He has a medical history of childhood asthma with no flare-ups during the last 8 years. His grandfather also has a history of asthma. He also suffers from periodic episodes of eczema. It is also worth noting that he recently moved to a new accommodation and sleeps on a dusty old carpet with two cats. Considering this he was also advised on allergen management.

Mr. Riddle returned in 2 weeks due to increasing sleep disruption which necessitated excessive Albuterol use. His Eczema had flared up too. Vitals were below normal. O2 saturation and ABG PaO2 were below normal. In addition, auscultation revealed diminished lung sound with expiratory wheezing in the upper and lower lung fields.

He was stabilised with 3L O2 and hourly Albuterol with IV corticosteroid which increased his O2 saturation to 93%. He was educated on proper inhaler techniques and environmental triggers.

I request you to kindly perform allergenic testing and guide him on environmental management.

Feel free to contact me without hesitation.

Yours Sincerely Doctor

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