It Is Impossible To Succeed If You Cannot Speak One Foreign Language | Band 9 IELTS Essay Sample

As a result of globalization, it is impossible to succeed if you cannot speak one foreign language. Do you think everyone must learn at least one foreign language?

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Band 9 IELTS essay sample

The mother tongue is certainly the most important for any person; however, in order to get ahead in life and career it has now become imperative for a person to speak at least one foreign language. Hence, I agree with the given argument.

There are multiple benefits to speaking a foreign language. These days more and more people are travelling to different countries to explore foreign culture, arts, food and other aspects of life. Travelling becomes a whole lot easier if they speak at least one foreign language. When travellers know the language of the country they travel in, they can easily interact with local people and build a healthy rapport with them. This makes travelling more enjoyable and even improves relation between countries.

Likewise, it is important for students pursuing higher education abroad to speak at least one foreign language. Most foreign universities require international applicants to be fluent in a language like English. Being bilingual or multilingual also benefits the academic progress of students by helping them learn concepts faster. In addition, it helps them make friends abroad and thus overcome homesickness.

Proficiency in a foreign language also improves the career prospects of students. Employers, especially multinational corporations, give preference to candidates capable of speaking two or more international languages. These conglomerations have business interests all over the world and they want their staff to be able to converse with their counterparts working in other countries.

In conclusion, in this age of globalization it has become absolutely necessary for people to acquire proficiency in at least one foreign language if they want to prosper in their career. Learning a foreign language is also a great way to learn about a foreign culture and its people.

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