Study Needs Time, Peace And Comfort, Whereas Employment Needs The Same | Band 9 IELTS Essay Sample

Study needs time, peace and comfort, whereas employment needs the same thing. Someone says it is impossible to combine those two because one distracts one another. Do you think this is realistic in our life today?

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Band 9 IELTS essay sample

Learning requires a great deal of focus and dedication and since jobs also require the same, some people opine that it is not possible to pursue studies and employment at the same time. I do not quite agree with this view. In my opinion, in this age of e-learning it is perfectly possible for a committed person to study without quitting their job.

To begin with, online classes have made learning possible from anywhere. Actually, people can now learn even during their leisure hours at work. Hence, any employee interested in obtaining higher academic qualifications can enrol in an online course without quitting their job. Almost every university now offers online programs for working persons interested in upgrading their skills. The main advantage of enrolling in an online course is that students can learn at a time convenient to them. There is no need to go to a college to attend the classes. All it requires is effective time management.

The internet has made learning even easier for working professionals. It is a treasure trove of information. Actually many websites provide online tutorials that anyone can use. For example, anyone can learn coding or website designing online with the help of online tutorials available on the internet. There is no need to even enrol in a course. This feature is particularly beneficial for people employed in the software sector. Since they have to constantly upgrade their skills and learn new programming languages as they arrive, the online tutorials are a boon for them.

To conclude, in this age of the internet and online learning programs it is perfectly possible to work and study at the same time.

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6 Responses

  1. Shubham Kumar says:

    Some people believe that adults get motivated to exercise and play sports because of the major sports events on TV such as the Olympic Games and Football World Cup. Others say that there are many ways apart from TV to encourage them to exercise. Discuss both views and give your own opinion?

    It is often argued that International sports events such as FIFA World Cup, Olympics and Commonwealth games are the main source of motivation for the young generation to do physical exercise, However, other believe that awareness about the sports at school and college level would encourage the young children deeply to go for these activities. I believe that both ways are equally important for making the young generation get motivated for physical sports and activities.
    To begin with, every child has a role model in their childhood with whom they want to play and improve their game. They get inspiration and motivation from their favorite players playing in the international tournaments like FIFA World cup, Commonwealth games, Wimbeldon tournaments etc. Thus, they try to adopt the same living style and training sessions so that they can be like these eminent sports personalities someday. Therefore these tournaments are one of the effective ways of motivating the young generation to play sports in their respective fields.
    Nevertheless, other people believe that there are many other ways apart from TV to encourage children. Firstly, conducting and initiating the sports competition at school and college level would encourage children to focus their interest in sports activities. Secondly, making the school and college students aware about the importance of physical exercise in their life would help them to adopt it.
    I believe that educating the importance of physical sports in academic level and international TV tournaments both are equally important. At school level pupils learn the technical skills about the exercise and sports and watching the game of their favorite players would give them a target and motivation to pursue further in particular sports.
    To recapitulate, after analyzing the above arguments it is not very hard to come on the consensus that physical education at academic level and world-class TV sports both are complementary to each other and both play an important role in making awareness about the usefulness of sports in human life.

  2. Priyank says:

    It cannot be denied that people hold different opinions about the pursuing studies and involve in the employment at the same time because both need focus and dedication. It is argued by some individuals that these create interference with each other when implement so it is impractical. I believe, in this era of internet and facilities provided by different universities, person can pursue study without sacrifice their job.

    To begin with, with the invention of internet the way of learning has been substantially changed. There are myriad websites which provides numerous tutorials that helps employees to study in their free time. It is considered as most convenient way to get knowledge without going to other place as everyone has mobile phone or laptop with the access of internet. For example, a person can upgrade their skills by enrolling in course online that could be beneficial in their employment. The research shows that 46% employees gain necessary skills during their job by attending online courses. Thus, there is no denying the fact that internet make it possible for workers to carry on studies without sacrificing job.

    In addition to internet, there are many colleges and universities in which numerous courses are available for employees. A person can join course during evenings or weekends as these are specially designed for people who are in employment and require learning new skills. Along variety of courses, flexible time schedule is provided so individuals could gain knowledge without any extra burden. For example, the University of Toronto offer courses such as project management, cloud computing and many more that are particularly designed for persons who do job and wish to acquire extra skills. Therefore, universities play a significant role in providing opportunity to employees to pursuing studies with their job.

    To conclude, although some people raise a concern that it is not possible to study and job at the same time; however, I reckon, with availability of internet and special courses provided by universities, person can enhance their skills without discontinuing their job.

  3. VeeYes says:

    Acquiring knowledge requires dedication, focus and an urge to learn new concepts. Some people believe that this tendency of having concentration and comfortability is equally demanded by employees while others deny it. In this essay, I will elucidate arguments that bolster that why employees need complete attention and extreme determination to achieve desired target effectively.
    To begin with, there are many factors which helps to succeed in official goals as well as learning, if done parallelly. One of the major reasons is the development of adequate number of distance education centers in the recent days. These classes support in a greater way to complete any number of courses during employment through online sessions and examinations. It is really an imperative technological development of this era. For Instance, recent research article states that, in India the number of post-graduates is increased by 18% compared to last 5 years and that is specifically through internet education systems.
    Despite all the benefits that online education provides, working students might miss their regular classes due to work constraints. Also, they might have a diversion from their work during exams that in turn affects work and will end up in monetary loss. To Exemplify, Software Engineers are expected to work round the clock for product deployment to avoid production issues. Thus, it is practically difficult to study while employed.
    To Conclude, though there are wide range of technology advancements, it is difficult to get back the exhausted valuable time. Hence, I believe that serving a company and getting graduated are two distinct areas to put time and efforts on and both at the same time will not be feasible in reality.

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