In Some Countries The Average Weight Of People Is Increasing

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Despite knowing the detrimental impact of obesity on health, people around the world are getting heavier than before. This essay will examine the major causes of this issue and suggest some viable solutions to tackle it.

The main causes of increasing body weight and decreasing fitness levels are the sedentary lifestyle of people and excessive consumption of junk food. Fast food companies are spending millions of dollars to promote their products on TV and the internet. These commercials make unhealthy food seem extremely tempting and mouth-watering. As a result, people especially children unconsciously gorge on them. Unfortunately, excessive consumption of junk leads to obesity and health problems because obese people are more likely to develop diabetes and heart trouble.

Another factor contributing to growing cases of obesity is the sedentary lifestyle of people. Due to the growing academic and work pressure, children as well as adults do not get enough time to work out. Worse, even when people are free, instead of working out in a gym, they prefer to watch a movie on the TV or computer. This way of life has a negative impact on their health.

Promoting health awareness among people and enforcing strict censorship on food advertisements are the best ways to combat this issue. The government and the media should inform people of the harmful consequences of leading an inactive life. Once the public are aware of the negative effect of obesity, they are more likely to take actions to change their lifestyle. Another solution is to ban misleading food advertisements that target children. The government must ensure that food companies are not promoting unhealthy food as healthy.

To conclude, there is no denying the fact that the growing cases of obesity and decreasing levels of health are a major concern around the world. To combat this issue, the government should launch health awareness campaigns and ban misleading ads that encourage the consumption of fast food.

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