Some People Believe That Children’s Leisure Activities Must Be Educational

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According to some people, every activity that children pursue in their leisure time should have some educational value. They believe that activities that do not teach anything are useless. I fully agree with this view.

When educational elements are made a part of leisure time activities, children learn effortlessly and with pleasure. In Sweden, for example, the government has passed a law that makes it mandatory for toymakers to incorporate some educational value into every toy they sell. This makes learning a fun activity for children.

In addition, leisure time activities that are educational in nature make the best use of children’s time. This approach also ensures that they do not waste their time doing activities that are harmful or useless. For example, lots of children all over the world play the Pokemon cards and waste countless hours gathering information about some fictitious characters. This is a complete waste of time. If these cards were replaced by some informative cards or if the characters were from history or mythology, the children would still have fun and at the same they would also acquire valuable knowledge. Thus it is evident that by simply making some changes to the toys and games in the market, we can help our children learn with fun and pleasure. Another advantage of educational leisure activities is that most of them require the active participation of parents. Thus they play an important role in strengthening the parent-child relationship.

To conclude, after analysing the situation, it is not hard to see that there are numerous benefits to adding some educational elements to free time activities. However, parents must ensure that the emphasis is on leisure and that learning does not become burdensome for the children.

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