IELTS Speaking Test Part 3: General Questions About Movies

In part 3 of the IELTS speaking test, you will be asked some general questions about the topic you talked about in part 2. This article is continued from the previous article wherein the candidate talked about his favourite film.

Examiner: What kinds of films are popular in your country?

Candidate: I live in Mumbai where Bollywood blockbusters are the most popular. Hollywood films also attract people, but they are not as popular as Bollywood films. Local films are more popular than international films in my country. Bollywood films are popular throughout North India. All the four states in South India have their own film industries. For example, in Kerala, Malayalam films are more popular than films made in other languages.

Examiner: Why do you think some people prefer going to the cinema to watching films at home?

Candidate: I personally like to watch films at home. I wouldn’t like it if someone sitting next to me yelled every time the hero punched the villain. I prefer the quiet atmosphere of my home to the commotion inside the cinema theatre. I know a lot of people enjoy going to the cinema. I think that is because they need a change from home. Also I have heard that image quality and sound quality are better when you watch a film in the cinema. However, in my opinion, this is no longer true. Many home entertainment systems are capable of producing high quality sounds and pictures.

Examiner: Do you think people will continue to go to the cinema in the future?

Candidate: Well, I don’t know. Maybe they will. A lot of people go to the cinemas because they enjoy the outing. For them, the cinema is an escape from their routine. I think they will continue to go to the cinema.

Examiner: Thank you. That’s the end of the test.

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