IELTS speaking task 2: Describe a movie you liked

In part 2 of the IELTS speaking test, you will be asked to talk about a topic for one or two minutes. You will be given a minute to make some notes.

Here is a sample topic

Question: Describe a film you really liked.

Model answer

I am a movie buff. I have watched a lot of films and I have many favourite films too. But I think the one that I liked the most is X. I watched this film last year upon the recommendation of a friend of mine. In fact, we watched this film together at his place. I don’t enjoy going to the cinema, so watching this film with my friend at his place made the experience more enjoyable. The film was about a small town boy, his friends, their dreams and problems. The plot was simple, yet interesting. That is the main reason I liked this movie. The boy’s best friend was a hawk. The bird was dying in an old barn from where the boy rescued it and nursed it back to life. He became emotionally attached to the bird, but had to let it go when it recovered. I absolutely loved the plot and photography. There weren’t many dialogues in the film; still it kept us entertained from start to finish. This probably isn’t the kind of movie I would have picked up from a store shelf. And if my friend hadn’t recommended it, I would perhaps never have watched it.

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