IELTS Speaking test in Qatar

The following questions were asked in a recent IELTS speaking test. Here are some tips for scoring well in the Speaking module.

Examiner: Let’s talk about holidays. How often do you go on holidays?

Candidate: Whenever I get an opportunity. I have a stressful job so I make it a point to take a short break every now and then.

Examiner: Do you prefer to take long or short holidays? Why?

Candidate: I prefer short holidays. The nature of my job prevents me from taking long holidays. Actually, I can’t be away from my workplace for more than a couple of days at a time.

Examiner: What do you usually do on holidays?

Candidate: I like the hills and I am also into the adventure stuff. Trekking is an activity that I really enjoy. I also like to roam around old cities and towns.

Examiner: Why do you choose these activities?

Candidate: I like to challenge myself. That is the reason I enjoy trekking. I am also into history. Actually, I find old towns very inviting.

Examiner: Tell me about a memorable holiday that you had.

Candidate: I recently visited Varanasi and it was the most memorable holiday I had in a while. Actually, it was not a holiday. It was kind of a pilgrimage. I am not particularly religious. Even so, I enjoyed every moment of the two days I spent in Varanasi. The trip was enlightening in many ways. Actually, it made me spiritual.

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