IELTS speaking practice questions and answers

The following questions were asked in a recently held IELTS Speaking test. Sample answers are also given.

Examiner: Do you work or study?
Candidate: I am working as a receptionist at a five star hotel.

Examiner: Did the nature of your work change since you graduated? Why?
Candidate: Yes. Before graduating I was only doing some part time jobs in my free time. Now I have a full time job and a regular source of income.

Examiner: Do you like your current job?
Candidate: Well, yes and no. My current job gives me an opportunity to interact with a lot of high profile people. I work at a five star hotel and some of our regular clients include big politicians, celebrities and business people. My salary is also good but my job requires me to work in shifts. I hate to work at night. Actually I am looking for another job that doesn’t involve night shifts.

Examiner: What do you like to do in the evening?
Candidate: When I am not working, I like to spend the evenings with my family. I enjoy watching TV. Sometimes I also go for a walk in the park with my dad.

Examiner: Is there any difference in your evening activities during the week and on weekends?
Candidate: During the weekends, I am either visiting my friends or hosting them at home. When I have guests I enjoy taking them to the movies or a restaurant in the evenings.

Examiner: Is there any difference between your evening activities during your childhood years and now?
Candidate: Yes, during my childhood I was always doing my homework in the evenings. I am not sure if I actually liked it or not. Now I spend my evenings doing things that I like.

Examiner: Do you like music?
Candidate: Yes. I like all music. I don’t care whether I am listening to rock, pop or classic.

Examiner: What type of music do you listen to?
Candidate: I listen to all types of music. I am particularly fond of classic and folk music.

Examiner: Do you prefer to listen to live music or recorded?
Candidate: I like both. Though I like to listen to live music, I rarely go to concerts. So much of the music I actually listen to is recorded.

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