IELTS essay sample | Spending money on preventing illnesses is better than spending it on treating them

Essay topic

Spending public money to promote a healthy lifestyle that leads to an improved quality of life is better than spending it on treatment of people who are already ill. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the statement?

Sample response

Prevention is better than cure. If the government spends money on promoting a healthy lifestyle, it will not have to spend much on the treatment of illnesses. Therefore I totally agree with the given view.

A healthy lifestyle leads to fewer illnesses. If the government creates awareness about a healthy lifestyle and promotes it actively, people are less likely to fall ill. In many countries the government bears a part of the healthcare costs of its people. Poor patients depend entirely on government aid. Needless to say, healthcare costs put a major burden on the public exchequer.

There are several benefits to preventing illnesses. A healthy society is a productive society. It is prosperous and happy. Illnesses result in loss of work hours. By simply spending money on promoting a healthy lifestyle, the government can create a productive workforce. This will not only reduce healthcare costs, but also increase the GDP of the nation. Oftentimes lack of awareness about healthy and unhealthy habits is the cause of illnesses. The government can do a lot of things here. It must make vaccination mandatory. Vaccines should be given free or at subsidized costs. This will make them available to more and more children. In addition, the government should spend money on promoting awareness against unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking and substance abuse. By doing these the government can ensure that its people are healthy and happy.

To conclude, prevention is always better than cure. Spending money on preventing illnesses is way better than spending it on treating them. In my opinion, the governments, doctors and non-governmental organizations can all play an important role in creating a healthy and happy society.

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