IELTS speaking part 2: Best childhood memory

IELTS Speaking part 2: Talk about your best childhood memory

Sample response

I will talk about visiting Mumbai as a child with my uncle. That is my best childhood memory. I was born in a small village at Tanjavur in Tamil Nadu. Actually, I spent all of my childhood there. My father was a grocer who ran a small shop in the neighbourhood. While I am lucky to have had a relatively carefree childhood, I never really got to travel much as a child. My dad was always busy with his business and hence he could not take us to any faraway places. I used to feel bad when my classmates talked about their holidays in places like Bangalore, Mysore and Ootty. Most of my relatives also lived in Tanjavur. Luckily I had an uncle who lived in Mumbai. He still lives there. Once during a summer vacation he took my sister and me to Mumbai. I was in the 7th standard then. It is the best holiday I have ever had. It was the first time I traveled out of my home state. Having lived all my life in a small village, I was fascinated by the sights and sounds of Mumbai. The crowds shocked me. I still remember the first time I ate panipuri and vadapav. We spent about two weeks in Mumbai. Uncle took us to places like the Gateway of India, Marine Drive, Chowpatti, Nehru Planetarium and the Elephanta Caves. We also visited some places outside of Mumbai like Matheran and Mahabaleshwar. My sister and I thoroughly enjoyed the trip. I have been to Mumbai several times since then. But this first trip is still very much alive in my memory.

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