IELTS Reading Tips

Answer the easiest questions first. Don’t spend too much time on any particular question. If you can’t answer a question in a minute, leave it. Go back later, if you have time.

You won’t lose marks for incorrect answers. So try to guess the answer if you can’t find it after reading the passage.

You can score well in the reading module, even if you don’t know anything about the subject matter. All answers are given in the passages itself. You don’t require any special subject expertise.

In the listening module, you will get extra time to transfer your answers to the Answer Sheet. No extra time is given in the reading module.

Develop good scanning skills. It may not be possible to read the entire passages carefully. Learn to predict the content of the paragraphs from the opening sentence itself. It requires practice, but it is possible.

Don’t waste valuable time on unfamiliar words in the passages. Skip them. You should be able to get a general idea of the passages even if you don’t know some words.

The passages given for reading in the IELTS test are taken from newspapers, magazines and journals. Make it a habit to read articles with an academic style.
Careless mistakes cost many marks. Check spelling. Be careful with singular and plural.

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