IELTS Listening: Success Tips

Read the instructions carefully. Don’t expect them to be the same in practice or previous tests. They can change. So read the instructions; don’t just glance at them. Stay attentive throughout the listening test. Try to anticipate what the speaker will say.

The listening test has four sections in the order of increasing difficulty. Parts one and two are the easiest. If you want a high score try to get all questions in the easy sections correct. Don’t make careless mistakes.

Be careful with your spelling at all times. Misspelled answers, even though they are correct, will be marked as wrong.

If you think that the speakers are speaking too fast, try to relax and tune in. Don’t panic; that won’t improve your score.

In the listening test, you are supposed to mark your answers as you listen. Practice the art of reading, writing and listening at the same time.

Don’t leave blanks.

Manjusha Nambiar

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