IELTS practice: What happens when both parents work?

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It is quite common for both parents to work. Sometimes this is because they need two salaries to survive whereas at other times it is their choice. What problems do you see in this situation? How does this affect the children and family life?

 Sample response

In many families now both parents work. This arrangement has both positive and negative effects. When both parents work, they can ensure the financial security of their family. On the flip side, they get hardly any time for each other or their kids. This can affect family relationships.

Fifty or sixty years ago, few women went to work. Many of them lacked academic qualifications. Even those who possessed degrees were happy to be homemakers. Now the situation has changed. Women have proved their mettle in almost all fields. Many women now possess post graduate degrees. They don’t want to confine themselves to the four walls of their home. They want to work; they want to focus on their career. Also, the cost of living has increased. It is now nearly impossible for a family to survive on a single salary. As a result, in many families both spouses have to work to make a living.

Financial security is desirable, but this arrangement causes many problems in the family. Children who spend their entire day in dare care centres may find it difficult to have a healthy relationship with their parents. Children require their parents’ love and care to grow into successful and responsible adults. If they are alone for most of the time, they may into unhealthy habits. They may also get into bad company. Problems may also arise between the spouses if they don’t have time for each other.

To conclude, in many families it has become a necessity for both parents to work. However, this arrangement has its merits and demerits. Working couples must ensure that they spend quality time with one another and with their children. They can perhaps also seek the support of elderly family members.

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