IELTS essay sample: Advertisements targeting young children should be banned

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Advertisers target children because they get influenced easily. When they see advertisements of snacks and toys on television they will want those products for themselves. This makes selling easier. Some people believe that marketers must not be allowed to target children. I certainly agree with that view.

Children are too young to distinguish good from bad and right from wrong. They believe all that they see on TV. Manufacturers of fast foods and toys spend a lot of money on advertising their products to children. They only show the positive aspects of their products. Fast foods like instant noodles can cause several health programs. Children don’t understand this. They insist on having those products for breakfast or even lunch and parents are forced to satisfy those cravings. One can’t quite blame the children either. When they see models of their age eating certain foods or playing with certain toys in commercials, they will want those things for themselves. Advertisers know this better than anybody else. That is why they are targeting kids in the first place.

Parents are helpless here. They know such products aren’t good for their children, but they also want to indulge their kids. Today’s nuclear families revolve around the children. Sometimes parents even buy expensive toys that they cannot afford. They want to keep their children happy, no matter what.

To conclude, I certainly agree with the argument that advertisements targeting young children should be banned. It is easy to influence the thought process of kids. Brands should not be allowed to exploit this weakness. When advertisers market their products to children, they aren’t doing anyone except themselves a service.

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