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Young managers are well-aware of the latest developments in technology. They are ambitious and energetic. As a result, some people feel that young managers can run an organization better than older ones. I both agree and disagree with this view. In my opinion, both youngsters and seniors have their share of plusses and minuses.

Technology now plays an important role in the way an organization is run. It is therefore important for the organization to have a manager well-versed in the latest technology. Young people tend to have greater technological skills than older people. This makes them more suitable for leading organizations that depend too much on technology. Their age and energy also helps them to work long hours. In addition, many of them are unmarried. Since they don’t have many family commitments, they can devote their entire time to the organization.

On the flip side, young managers lack experience. They may have degrees and diplomas from world class institutes but they lack industry specific knowledge and experience. Older managers, on the other hand, have worked in their industry for several years. Their experience and practical knowledge enables them to take better decisions. Also they will have grown a vast network of connections during the years they worked in the industry and can leverage those connections for the benefit of the organization.

To conclude, young managers have their plus points. Senior managers have their plus points too. In some sectors young professionals are more suitable than seniors. There are also sectors that will benefit more from the experience of a senior manager than from the technological capabilities and energy of a youngster.

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