Common mistakes in the use of pronouns

Study the examples given below.

Incorrect: Invite she to the party.

Correct: Invite her to the party.

Here the pronoun ‘her’ acts as the object of the verb invite. A pronoun used as the object should be in its object form (him, her, me, us, them, you etc.)

Use the subject form (I, we, they, she, they, you) when the pronoun is used as the subject of the verb.

Incorrect: He and me are going to the movies.

Correct: He and I are going to the movies.

Here the pronouns he and I act as the subject of the verb ‘are going’. Therefore, we need to use the subject form.

Incorrect: He and her participated in the competition.

Correct: He and she participated in the competition.

Incorrect: They and her played well.

Correct: They and she played well.

Incorrect: We are waiting for they.

Correct: We are waiting for them.

Incorrect: Keep this between you and she.

Correct: Keep this between you and her.

A pronoun used after a preposition should be in the object form because it is the object of the preposition. Here the pronouns you and her are the objects of the preposition ‘between’.

Incorrect: I and my wife won the award for the best couple.

Correct: My wife and I won the award for the best couple.

When you connect pronouns of different persons, they should be in the following order: second person (you), third person (he, she, they) and first person (I).

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