IELTS essay sample: Some scientists believe that only certain species of wildlife should be protected

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There is an argument among scientists regarding wild animals. Some of them believe in saving wild animals of all kinds, others, however, are interested in saving only particular species. Discuss both views, give your own opinion and examples.

Sample essay

The conservation of wildlife is a hotly debated topic. Slowly but steadily we are becoming aware of the need to protect wildlife.  Some scientists believe that only certain species of animals should be protected; others are of the opinion that all forms of wildlife should be protected. I agree with the latter point of view.

I firmly believe that all forms of life born here have a right to live here. Human beings are the only species that have trouble coexisting with other forms of life. We behave as if the whole world belonged to us. We exploit other forms of life to satisfy our need and greed. Tigers, lions and crocodiles are being killed for their skin. Elephants are being killed for their precious tusks. Snakes are being killed; so are whales. Sadly many of these species are now facing the threat of extinction.

I can’t agree with the argument that only selected species should be protected. Scientists who put forward this theory are only concerned with the well-being of the mankind. The species that they want to protect will most probably be the ones that are beneficial to human beings. That is the only reason they want to protect those species in the first place. Unfortunately, this tactic has several downsides. To start with, all forms of life are essential to protecting the biodiversity and ecosystem. If one species becomes extinct because of our wrongdoings or factors beyond our control, it is going to have an impact on other species as well. Unfortunately, we are yet to realize this. Our greed is destroying in the planet. We don’t realize that we will also get destroyed when other species die.

To conclude, the argument that only certain species of life should be protected doesn’t hold water. It stems from the belief that we own this planet and that every other form of life exists for our benefit. If we are really concerned with our well-being, it is time we did something to protect the planet and its inhabitants without discriminating one against the other.

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