Speaking part 1: Sample questions and answers

Here are some questions that were asked in an IELTS exam held recently. Sample answers are also given.

Examiner: Where are you from?

Candidate: I am originally from Nagpur, a big town in Maharashtra. Right now I live in Mumbai.

Examiner: Do you work or study?

Candidate: I am studying. I am doing a five year programme in medicine. I am in the fourth year now.

Examiner: Did you learn to ride a bicycle in your childhood?

Candidate: Yes, I did. My father taught me how to ride a bicycle when I was in the 4th standard. I used to cycle to my school which was about 2 kilometers from my home. I also used to cycle to the market.

Examiner: Is it easy to ride a bicycle in your country?

Candidate: It is easier in smaller towns and villages because there the roads aren’t very busy. Cycling is a bit difficult in big Indian cities because in most of them there are no dedicated lanes for cyclists. I really feel that this should change.

Examiner: What are the benefits of riding a bicycle for a child?

Candidate: Cycling is a healthy exercise. It is also an exercise that most children enjoy. Cycling is good for strengthening the muscles in the calves and thighs. I have also heard that it helps children grow taller.

Examiner: Is it safe to ride a bicycle on busy roads?

Candidate: Well, I am against cycling on busy roads such as the ones in Mumbai. I used to cycle when I was in Nagpur. I almost stopped that habit after I moved to Mumbai to pursue higher studies.

Examiner: What type of music do you like?

Candidate: I like melodies, especially the love songs in Bollywood films. There is something incredibly romantic about them. Sometimes I also listen to semi classical songs.

Examiner: Do you still like the same music that you liked in your childhood? Why?

Candidate: To be honest, my taste in music hasn’t changed much over the years. I still enjoy listening to the same songs that I used to listen to in my childhood. I think that is because melodies have an enduring appeal. You will want to listen to them again and again. Fast songs, on the other hand, become popular instantly, but they are also forgotten easily.

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