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growth of urban population ielts report sample

Sample report

The bar graph illustrates the percentage of urban population in different parts of the world in 1950 and 2000.  Estimated values for 2030 are also given. A closer look at the graph reveals that the proportion of urban population was quite low in 1950. It increased over the years and is expected to grow even further in the future. To start with, in 1950, 30% of the global population lived in urban areas.  The share of the urban population was the highest in Latin America (40%) in 1950 whereas it was the lowest in Africa and Asia at 10% and 12% respectively. By 2000, the proportion of urban population more than tripled in Africa and Asia. The growth of the urban population was the highest in Latin America. It rose from 40% in 1950 to 70% in 2000. By 2030, as much as 60% of the global population is expected to live in urban areas. In Africa and Asia nearly half of the total population is expected to move to urban areas by 2030. Latin America will continue to have the highest proportion of urban residents with as much as 80% of them living in cities.

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