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Mr. Barry Jones OET letter sample

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Ms Jane Graham,

Newtown Occupational Therapy,

10 Johnson St,


Date: 30/08/2022

Re: Mr Barry Jones DOB 11TH June 1973

Dear Ms Graham,

I am writing to request a workplace assessment of my patient Barry Jones, a 46 year old man. He works as a forklift driver and sustained an occupational injury. He has been under my care and follow-up.

Mr Jones visited my office three months ago with back pain followed by an injury at his workplace and was diagnosed to be suffering from severe lower back strain. He was advised a leave of 30 days and prescribed Naproxen and carisoprodol along with physiotherapy. His pain and mobility improved marginally over the next four weeks so his time off was extended for four more weeks.

Today Mr Jones visited again and he is recovering very well and his symptoms are getting better. He also expressed his desire to go back to work and seemed bored and restless due to his inability to work for the last three months.

He has been advised to resume work on condition that he takes frequent breaks and does not perform any heavy lifting at work.

I will appreciate it if you can perform his workplace assessment and advise him regarding duties he can and cannot perform.

Sincerely, Dr S RAHANE

Grade B OET Letter Sample 2

Ms. Jane Graham

Newtown Occupational Therapy

10 Johnston St,

30 Aug 2019

Dear Ms Jane

RE: Mr. Barry Jones, D.O.B: 11 Jun 1973

I am writing to request the workplace assessment of my patient Barry Jones. He suffers from back pain and has been under my treatment for three months. He would like to return to work. I kindly request you to advise him on duties that he can and cannot perform.

The patient drives a forklift at his work which requires prolonged sitting and occasional heavy lifting. He hurt his back 3 months ago while lifting a box off the floor. He was advised to walk daily with gradual increment in time and distance. He was also prescribed naproxen and carisoprodol for pain relief and physiotherapy.  He was advised a month off work too.

Despite staying off work for two months and undergoing regular physiotherapy sessions, the patient’s health did not improve much. His back was still sore and the movement was still very stiff.  Walking duration increased from 10 minutes to 15 to 20 minutes per day but the patient described it as very tiring. Considering the patient’s condition his time off work was extended for another 30 days.

Today, the patient is still adhering to the treatment plan and recovering well but he is still in pain. Pain increases if he sits down or lies down for more than 20-30 minutes. Movement is stiff but the range of motion has increased. He is walking for 30 minutes per day and described it as tiring. He is bored and restless and wants to return to work. Hence, he has been allowed to resume working on condition that he would take regular breaks and avoid heavy lifting.

I would really appreciate it if you could make an assessment of his workplace and advice him on duties he can and cannot perform.

Please contact me without hesitation if you need any further details.

Thank You

Yours sincerely


Newtown Medical Clinic

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