The Diagram Shows The Recycling Process Of Plastic

Sample report

The process diagram illustrates the various processes / stages involved in the recycling of plastic. Overall, it can be seen that not all plastic products are recycled. While some reach landfills where they accumulate polluting the soil, others reach recycling centres. People buy plastic products like bottles, bags and other items from shops and then use them. After using these products for a while, they discard them. While plastic bags and rubbish reach landfills where they do not get recycled and thus pose a threat to the environment, plastic bottles are usually recycled. They are collected and transported to sorting houses where they get sorted according to their type. These sorted bottles are then transported to recycling centers where they get recycled and are used to produce various plastic products. These products again reach supermarkets from where consumers buy them, use them and discard them and the cycle repeats all over again. Some plastic will again make it to the landfills whereas the remaining gets recycled.

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