Young People Prefer Listening To Music Rather Than Listening To The News On The Radio

Music vs news ielts essay

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Youngsters these days are more inclined to listening to music rather than news on the radio. I firmly believe that this is a negative development because young people have to be more informed of the current events around the globe and without listening to news, they cannot achieve this.

There is no harm in listening to music. It helps youngsters to destress themselves. It also boosts their mood after a hard day at college or office. However, if they only listen to music it is definitely a problem. Without listening to news, youngsters cannot be aware of the happenings around them. This seriously affects their general knowledge. They become clueless about what is happening around them. This can even affect their ability to have interesting conversions with other people because news is often discussed during informal meetings. When young people are completely unaware of the major national or international events, people they interact with may assume that they are ignorant. This can affect their self esteem.

Listening to music and gaining general knowledge is also helpful for young people preparing for various competitive exams. Many exams have a paper on general knowledge. Current events are also discussed during job interviews. Without adequate general knowledge it is not possible to impress the interviewer. Another advantage of listening to news is that it equips youngsters with the knowledge required to plan their day more effectively. For example, strikes can happen any time. A young person who does not listen to news may get ready for work and reach the bus station, only to realize that bus drivers are on a strike on that day. Likewise, weather forecasts on radio provide valuable information. If rain is forecast, it is foolish to step out without an umbrella. However, someone who does not listen to news may not have this information.

To conclude, youngsters can certainly listen to music on radio. However, they should also find some time to listen to news. Without listening to news, it is not possible to be aware of the happenings around them and without that knowledge one may come across as foolish or ignorant.

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