Young People Prefer Listening To Music Rather Than Listening To The News On The Radio | Band 7 Essay Sample

Young people prefer listening to music rather than listening to the news on the radio. Is this a positive opposite negative trend?

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Band 7 IELTS essay sample

Youth in the twenty first century is more inclined towards music, instead of listening to news on the radio. I firmly believe that this is a negative development since younger ones have to be more informed of the ongoing scenarios throughout the globe.

Firstly, teenagers of this era have to be more knowledgeable. It is because this generation is going to face a tough competition to secure their identity. In the coming years youngsters will be judged not only on their academic grades, but also on their ability to participate in debates and presentations. The best example can be the ‘Olympiad’ competition in which questions related to the latest developments are asked. Therefore, it becomes important for the youth to pay more attention to the radio news to get in touch with the global developments.

Secondly, the mind of the juvenile has the greatest potential to solve many problems. If they are made aware of the problems in their community or around the globe, they will be able to solve the complex political as well as economic matters in the near future. This is also because they have the caliber, consistency and a fresh mindset to perfectly negotiate the matter. Although listening to music is also necessary to revitalize the mind, there should be a limit.

To conclude, the importance of listening to latest news on the radio is irrefutable. Meanwhile listening to music is not that important in today`s competitive era. Therefore, this is a negative development that must be discouraged.

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