Describe the perfect job for you | Social worker

Describe the perfect job for you. Please say:

– What is this job?
– Why did you choose this job?
– What are the skills required for this job?

Sample response

I would like to work for an NGO after I have finished my studies. I have always been interested in social work. I want to work for street children and help them get food, shelter and education. There are thousands of them in my state alone. They beg at traffic lights and sleep on the pavements. They don’t have good clothes, let alone a blanket. They don’t go to school. No one cares for them. They don’t have votes, so they don’t mean anything to our politicians. Their plight has always hurt me and I would like to do something for them. I know there is a limit to what one person can do. My expectations are pretty realistic. I don’t have a magic wand and I understand that I won’t be able to lift them all from poverty and suffering overnight but I am confident of making a difference to at least a few children. In my opinion, one doesn’t need any special skills to work for an NGO. All it takes is a bit of social commitment and compassion. I know this job wouldn’t earn me a fat salary but that doesn’t bother me because I can live on very little.

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