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The following questions were asked in the third part of an IELTS speaking test recently held in India.

Examiner: Are you happy with your job?

Candidate: Yes, I’m. I have a secure job that pays well. My job also provides ample opportunities for career growth.

Examiner: Is it the perfect job for you?

Candidate: Well, I am happy with my current job, but it is not exactly the perfect job for me. I am a creative person and I would like to work in advertising. My current job doesn’t provide many opportunities to explore my creativity.

Examiner: Do you think you will ever get this job?

Candidate: Yes, I am confident of getting a job in the advertising industry soon. I have received a job offer from an Australian advertising agency. That’s the reason, I am appearing for IELTS.

Examiner: What jobs do children prefer to do? Why?

Candidate: Most kids that I know want to be soldiers, police officers or pilots. They watch films in which the hero beats up ten criminals or fights for his country. They want to emulate these feats.

Examiner: Is money an important consideration when choosing a job?

Candidate: Yes, it is an important consideration for me and I think it is important for others too. Everyone has to put food on the table. This wouldn’t be possible if the pay is too low.

Examiner: Why do children change their job preferences when they grow up?

Candidate: When you are a child you don’t care whether you have an aptitude for a particular job or not. You just want to be like someone you admire. This could be your father, the uncle next door or your favourite actor. As you grow up this changes and you become more aware of your skills and preferences. When I was a child I wanted to be a fire fighter. That job no longer interests me.

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