Consumer Spending On 5 Different Items In 5 Countries In 2002

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Sample report

The table illustrates the proportion of money that consumers spent on 3 different items in 5 countries Ireland, Italy, Spain, Sweden, and Turkey in the year 2002. Overall, in all the 5 countries, the consumers spent the most on food/drinks/tobacco and the least on leisure/education. Notably, of the 5 countries, while the Turkish people were the highest consumers of food/drink/tobacco and leisure/education, the Italians were the highest spenders on clothing/footwear. Swedes spent the least on food/drinks/tobacco and clothing/footwear and Spaniards spent the least on leisure and education.  As the table shows, Turks / Turkish people spent 32.14% of their money on food/beverages/tobacco.  This was roughly twice as much as / two times as much as what Italy and Sweden spent on this item. Meanwhile Irish people and Spanish people spent 28.91% and 18.80% respectively on food/drinks/tobacco. Italians spent 9% of their money on clothing/footwear. Other countries spent roughly the same on clothing and footwear. In terms of leisure/education Turkish customers spent 4.35%. Irish consumers spent approximately half of this at 2.21%. Italy’s and Sweden’s spending on this item were almost the same at 3.20% and 3.22% respectively.

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