6 Great Reasons Why You Should Study in the USA

From binging on Hollywood classics to admiring the great American culture, we all grew up aspiring to chase our wildest dreams in the USA. Besides exerting a phenomenal influence on global culture, the country has established itself as an economic superpower and a center of academic excellence. With quality education, a unique curriculum, and plenty of work opportunities, the country attracts a larger proportion of international students than other countries in the world.

In this blog, we will delve deeper into the top reasons that make the US consistently the ultimate study abroad destination worldwide.

Home to Prestigious Universities

It is known throughout the world that the USA is a hub of top universities, which are well-funded and supported to maintain their high academic standards.

As per the findings by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2022, 8 US universities have secured the coveted positions in the top 10. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, United States, topped the list for the QS World University Rankings 2022, also where 5 out of the top 10 universities in the list are from the USA only.

Besides housing the top universities, the USA provides international students with the best and affordable student accommodation. Whether you plan to move into student housing in Houston or student housing in Chicago, you will find an aesthetic and varied range of student accommodation based on your preferences, like uni dorms, private student housing, or homestays.

Academic Flexibility

The American higher education system allows flexible options for an undergraduate degree based on your evolving needs and interests, i.e., you can choose different subjects to explore your interest before making the final choice for major at the end of the second year.

It offers students a chance to develop or find their passion and tailor the program according to their specific career aspirations. So, in case they are still unsure of the subject, they can choose to study another simultaneously and complete a double major.

Diversity in Study Programs

There is a reason why US universities persistently secure the top spots in the world university rankings and allure millions of international students every year. And this great reason is the availability of diverse courses that fits the interest of almost everyone in the world.

No other country can match the USA in terms of the myriad of courses and programs. From liberal arts subjects to STEM programs to other skills-based courses, if there is any unique and specific program you are looking for, then chances are you will find it!

Access to Multicultural Exposure

Living in a multicultural country has a myriad of benefits that will help you grow both personally and professionally, especially in a country like the US, which is renowned for being a melting pot of many cultures, ethnicities, and races.

We understand that when you move abroad, you feel lonely, homesick, and confused at times. But if you live with people of diverse communities, it not only makes you comfortable and accepted but also provides a chance to absorb other cultures, ethos, traditions, and values. And that is precisely what you will get in the US if you prefer to study here.

The USA has the edge over most countries in fulfilling the purpose of providing international students with diverse exposure and opportunities to grow into confident and efficient professionals. After all, a degree from a US university is valued all over the world.

Excellent International Student Support

With a huge responsibility to host hundreds of thousands of international students every year, the USA has never ceased to impress when taking phenomenal care of them.

The US universities offer ample support for international students to adjust to their new life at university and assist them in overcoming any difficulty they might experience both academically and personally.

The counselors, student unions, and support staff are always ready to lend their support by conducting workshops, English-language sessions, orientations, training, and even finding off-campus accommodation.

Vibrant Student Life

The USA is a fascinating country that provides you with many great opportunities to explore, learn and grow. The students migrating here can never have a dull moment and instead are always on the go to traverse and relish great adventures on and off-campus.

Talking about the on-campus activities, you can take initiatives in various events, student societies, and hobby clubs, which will help you socialize and network and make you explore your interests or enhance your talents.

Besides that, you can take part-time jobs and internships to earn extra money to support yourself financially as the US might be the perfect country to live in but can also break your banks. Moreover, it will also add essential academic skills and experience to your resume.

So while you stay on campuses, such as accommodation near Harvard University, Stanford University, etc., you can make weekend plans with your friends to view local attractions and visit eat-out spots. If you want to go one step ahead, you can plan a short trip to a fancy city like Los Angeles and witness Hollywood firsthand.

Writer: Harshita Anand is a postgraduate in English Journalism and a graduate in Hotel Management. She has worked in diverse industries and with people from all walks of life. Her fulfilling experience ignited her interest in constantly learning new things about the world and writing passionately about them.

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