Because Many Children Are Not Able To Learn Foreign Languages, Schools Should Not Force Them To Learn Foreign Languages

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It is argued that children who find it difficult to learn a foreign language must not be forced to learn it. I do not agree with this view because in my opinion, language skills have nothing to do with a person’s intelligence. If learning a foreign language is still difficult for a child, the problem is with the teaching method adopted by the school and in this case, adopting the right method, rather than making foreign languages optional, is the right solution.

There are several benefits to learning a foreign language. In this age of globalization, being bilingual or multi-lingual is quite an advantage as it allows a student to grab opportunities available all over the world. It is for this reason schools have started teaching foreign languages. If students have the option to eliminate foreign languages from their curriculum, many of them might choose it and miss out on countless opportunities in future. Hence, in my opinion, foreign languages must be compulsory for all students regardless of their academic brilliance.

What’s more, studies have shown that language skills are in no way related to the intelligence of a child. Anyone is able to learn a language if they are exposed to it. This also explains why even mentally unstable or retarded people are able to speak one or even more languages. So, if children have difficulty learning a foreign language, it is a sign that the school is not adopting the right way of teaching the language. In many countries, children are first taught to write and then read. There is little or no emphasis on imparting speaking skills. Needless to say, mastering a foreign language becomes a herculean task for many students. In natural environments, children first learn to speak and then they start reading and writing. If similar strategy is adopted by schools and more emphasis is given to speaking, all students will find language learning fun and easy.

In short, rather than making foreign languages optional for students, schools should adopt the right teaching methods to make language learning easy and stress free.

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