An Increase In Production Of Consumer Goods Results In Damaging The Environment | Band 9 Essay

An increase in production of consumer goods results in damaging the environment. What are the causes of this and give a possible solution?

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Excessive consumption of consumer goods has a negative impact on the environment. This is because natural resources are exploited to produce these goods. The most viable solution is to produce goods that last a long time. In addition, people should be encouraged to reuse and recycle goods.

The production of consumer goods involves the exploitation of natural resources. For example, rare earth metals are required to produce electronic gadgets. The extraction of these metals involves processes that have a negative impact on the environment. Likewise, the production of clothing requires the application of several chemicals including dyes. The waste generated by cloth manufacturers pollutes water bodies and soil. The environmental impact of plastic, another material widely used for producing consumer goods, is well-known. Even an increase in the production of food affects the environment negatively. In order to produce more food, more area has to be brought under cultivation. This is usually achieved by destroying forests. So, obviously, any increase in the manufacturing of consumer goods is bad for the environment.

The most viable solution to this vexed problem is to encourage people to limit their consumption. People should be made aware of the environmental impact of their lifestyle choices. They should be encouraged to reuse products whenever possible. Also, manufacturers should be advised to produce durable goods. These days, many products especially electronic gadgets are made to last only a couple of years. This has to change. Companies resort to this method of manufacturing to increase their sales. Unfortunately, their greed for profit damages the planet.

To conclude, the exploitation of natural resources is the main reason for environmental damage caused by an increase in the production of consumer goods. In order to solve this issue, manufacturers should be encouraged to produce durable goods and consumers should be made aware of the importance of reusing goods whenever possible.

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