In Some Countries, The Number Of People Suffering From Stress Is Increasing | Band 9 Essay

In many countries, the number of people suffering from stress is increasing. What do you think are the causes of this problem and what measures could be taken to tackle it?

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Stress levels are increasing among people. In fact, stress is now one of the main causes of health problems among the urban population. The unhealthy lifestyle and increasing competition are the main causes of this problem. Ensuring better work-life balance and staying away from the rat race are the most effective solutions.

People have become quite ambitious. Nobody is satisfied with their lot. Social media play a major role in fostering this sense of dissatisfaction. Everybody is posting their accomplishments – real and fake – on their social media handles. Their ‘less successful’ friends and relatives who see these posts feel inadequate and they start doing whatever they can to prove that they are also achievers. Thus the rat race begins. Many people are working multiple jobs to pay off their home loans and car loans.

Even children are not spared. Parents constantly force their children to work harder and harder so that they can perform better than their peers not only at school but also in their future. Competition in the workplace is another factor leading to stress. In this age of automation and AI many companies are laying off thousands of employees. People who suddenly lose their job have a hard time coming to terms with that reality and their stress levels shoot up. The sedentary lifestyle that most office-goers follow does not help either. It leads to various physical ailments and an increase in stress.

The most effective solution is to encourage people to have realistic goals in life. People need to realize that no other pursuit is greater than the pursuit of happiness. The government should enact laws to regulate working hours so that employees will have adequate time for themselves and their family. Following a healthy and active lifestyle and eating right are other measures that will definitely help.

In conclusion, unrealistic goals and cut throat competition are the main causes of stress among people. The most effective way to solve this problem is to encourage people to chase happiness rather than name, fame and wealth.
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