Accomplish | IELTS vocabulary

Accomplish (verb)

Accomplish means achieve, produce, bring about, realize, execute etc.

  • He was a great leader who accomplished whatever he set out to do.
  • If you want to accomplish more, you need to organize your work.

Accomplish antonyms: fail, fall short, give up, forsake, miss the mark etc.

Accomplished (adjective)

Accomplished means achieved, consummated, realized, completed and established.

  • Space travel is an accomplished fact.

Accomplished can also mean proficient, able, skilled, expert or capable.

  • She is an accomplished dancer.

Accomplished antonyms: unrealized, nonexistent, unskilled, poor, incapable, inexperienced, untalented, unpolished, and clumsy

Accomplishment (noun)

Accomplishment means achievement, fulfillment, attainment, realization, consummation, culmination etc.

  • The United Nations Organization has not been successful in the accomplishment of peace.
  • Space travel is quite an accomplishment.

Accomplishment can also mean skill, talent or proficiency

  • Painting is just one of her accomplishments.

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