Accompany (verb) | IELTS vocabulary

Accompany (verb)

To accompany someone is to go along with them. Other meanings: escort, go in company with

  • My mother accompanied my on the trip.
  • Commandos accompany the Prime Minister everywhere.
  • Wherever he went, his dog accompanied him.
  • Famine accompanies a drought. (= Famine and drought go hand in hand with.)
  • The violinist accompanied his singing.

Accompaniment (noun)

An accompaniment is something that adds to or improves something else.


  • An accompanist is a person who plays a musical accompaniment.

Usage note

Accompany takes the prepositions by and with.

When you are accompanied by someone you are escorted by them or you are in their company.

  • He was accompanied by his wife.
  • The film star was accompanied by his bodyguards.

Accompany with (= supplement)

  • His words were accompanied with his wild gestures. (= Wild gestures supplemented his words.)

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