Accommodate | IELTS vocabulary

Accommodate (verb)

To accommodate someone with something is to help them.

  • Can you accommodate me with a loan?
  • We cannot accommodate your needs at the moment.

Accommodate can also mean adapt, adjust, fit, conform, modify or hamornise.

  • You have to accommodate yourself to the situation.

Spelling tip

The word accommodate has two c’s and two m’s.

Accommodating (adjective)

Accommodating can mean obliging, helpful, kind, hospitable, considerate etc.

  • The driver was very accommodating.
  • Our host was fun and accommodating.

Accommodation (noun)

Accommodation is a place where someone may live or stay.

  • There are several hotels in the city that provide cheap accommodation.
  • We had excellent accommodation on the ship.

Accommodation can also mean a compromise, agreement, settlement or adjustment.

  • If the workers and the management don’t reach an accommodation, there will be a strike.

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