IELTS Essay About Professionals Leaving Their Country

An increasing number of professionals, such as doctors and teachers, are leaving their own poorer countries to work in developed countries. What problem does this cause? What could be done to overcome this problem?

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Sample essay

Many health care experts and teachers are migrating to developed nations by leaving their undeveloped regions. The prime cause of this problem is unemployment in their native country and the main solution to tackle this is to provide them opportunities so that they can earn money.

The foremost reason behind this issue is that these experts are unable to get a good / rewarding job which suits their qualification / skills. When individuals complete their studies, it is their utmost desire to find a job / to find employment that suits their qualification. They work hard in order to get a job, by which they can earn money to fulfill their needs, but in their own country, which is poor, they are not able to secure their future. As a result, they move to other more developed countries. For example, my cousin, who is a medical graduate, failed to get a job here in India and migrated to Canada where he is a doctor now and earning a lot of money.

The most effective way to solve this particular problem is to give them chances, by which they can earn enough. It is the duty of governments of such countries to help these individuals by issuing them loans on their educational qualifications so that they can open their own hospitals or schools. If state officials do so, the precious talent of their country can be retained.

To conclude, migration of teachers and doctors belonging to poorer nations has become a major issue which is caused by the lack of jobs, but it can be resolved by providing them more chances, by which they can not only earn money but also serve their nation.

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