Some People Say That Now We Can See Films On Our Phones Or Tablets

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According to some people, it is no longer necessary to go to cinema as movies can be watched on portable devices like mobiles and tablets. Others, however, insist that only theatres can provide the ultimate movie experience. In my opinion, watching a movie on the big screen is certainly more enjoyable; however, it is also more expensive and less convenient.

Certain movies need to be seen in a cinema. For example, 3D films cannot be watched on a mobile device. If you want to fully enjoy the movie with its visual and sound effects, you have to pay a visit to the theatre. For example, Piranha was a movie released in 3D format to provide a realistic experience to the viewers, and it was actually loved worldwide. While it is possible to watch this movie on a mobile device, it will be a much less enjoyable experience. Also, for many people, visiting a movie hall is an opportunity to go out and forget their worries for a while. Obviously, there are several advantages to watching movies on the larger than life screen of a cinema hall.

On the other hand, watching movies on portable devices is more convenient and cost effective. Movie tickets have become quite expensive in recent times and if a family of four wants to watch a movie in a multiplex, they will have to spend at least 1000 rupees on tickets alone. Then there are other expenses like transportation and refreshments. Needless to say, watching movies in a theatre is a costly affair. By contrast, if one buys the monthly or annual subscription of a movie streaming service like Netflix or Amazon Prime one can watch an unlimited number of movies anywhere and anytime and it costs only a fraction of what it would cost to watch those movies in a cinema.

In conclusion, cinema halls provide an immersive experience that mobile devices cannot offer. However, in my opinion, it is better to watch movies on a mobile device as it is much less expensive.

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