Some People Think That Only The Government Can Make Significant Changes In Society

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People often assume that only the government has the power to make changes in the society. I do not fully agree with this view. While I do admit that the government alone is capable of framing policies with the objective of developing the society, without the wholehearted co-operation of individuals, those policies will not accomplish much.

There are quite a few things that the government can do. For example, it can enact laws and frame policies to make the society progressive; however, if people do not co-operate, none of these policies will achieve the desired result. For example, there are many social evils in India. One of them is the practice of killing the girl child in the womb itself. The government has enacted stringent laws to counter the practice and both the doctor and the parents caught doing this now face severe punishments. Yet, this practice continues because people are finding one way or the other to get around the law. Likewise, there are laws for ensuring wildlife protection, and still the population of wildlife is declining. The government has banned single use plastic but people are still seen carrying plastic carry bags. No government can monitor the activities of each and every person in the society. Consequently, although the government can bring about policies for social reformation without the co-operation of the public these policies cannot achieve the intended results.

On the other hand, people have their limitations too. There are many people who are sincerely concerned about the welfare of the society. These people look up to the government to frame laws that would help them in their endeavors. For example, many people selflessly work for the empowerment of the poor and the downtrodden. There are countless volunteers who are feeding the homeless and the stray animals and cleaning up cities and beaches. There are many more who care for the environment. They need the support of the government to be able to carry out their noble activities. People are also incapable of framing policies on their own. They depend on the government and if the government enacts thoughtless polices, the people are made to suffer.

In conclusion, both the government and the people should work in tandem if the society is to achieve any progress. If the government enacts wrong polices it will stall the development of the society; likewise, if the people refuse to co-operate, the government policies will prove ineffective.

Manjusha Nambiar

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