Many Working People Get Little Or No Exercise | Band 9 IELTS Essay Sample

Many working people get little or no exercise either during the working day or in their free time, and have health problems as a result.
Why do so many working people not get enough exercise? What can be done about this problem?

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Band 9 IELTS essay sample

Nowadays, working people devote less and less time to exercise and as a result, they develop many health problems such as obesity and heart disease. This is mainly because most employees are busy with their work and get hardly any time for themselves. Addiction to television programmes and videos games also discourages them from getting physically active during their leisure time.

Everybody is busy these days. People are working so hard to fulfill their personal and professional commitments that they get hardly any time to relax or exercise. For example, now most employees work overtime to meet their deadlines. By the time they reach their home, it is already pretty late and they have neither time nor stamina to hit the gym. Even in countries where there is a five day work week people rarely exercise on the weekends. They either catch up on their sleep or sit in front of the computer or the television. Unfortunately, the sedentary lifestyle has a negative impact on their health.

Creating awareness about the risks of physical inactivity is the first step to counter this issue. The government should launch campaigns to encourage people to work out at least a couple of times a week. In addition, employers who require their employees to work overtime should be penalized. What’s more, companies should be encouraged to set up gyms and sports courts within their premises and employers should be allowed to access them during their recess. Studies have shown that even a simple stretch allows people to shake off their lethargy and enhance their productivity.

To conclude, the busy lifestyle is the main reason that prevents people from getting adequate exercise. Enforcing an eight hour work day and encouraging physical activity during leisure time are the solutions to this problem.

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